About Me

Hello! As you may have gathered from the site’s title, I am a drug-free ectomorph who has had some small measures of success over the course of my lifetime of weight training.  I am by no means a master, nor do I consider myself close to my fitness goal.  Here is a brief background about me:

High School

I started my weight lifting journey in high school when I played football.  I was skinny and lanky, but I was tall (just a bit over 6’0) and kind of quick, so the coaches put me at wide receiver.  Although they preached squats, we never really had team lifts, and so most of high school was a waste, just wandering around from machine to free weight with no real plan and a horrendous diet.  I graduated high school at about 155 lbs.


Once in college, I lost touch with the training world for the first couple years.  Around junior year, a friend introduced me to Max-OT, which was my first actual gym routine that I followed.  The strength increases were reasonable, but I did not experience much size gain.  My diet was also terrible at this time, but as an ectomorph I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and not gain any fat (see below).  By the time I graduated, I had pretty much finished growing at around 163 lbs.

22 years old, 163 lbs


After college, I no longer lived with my roommates that had been my training partners and so I had to resort to either asking for spots at the gym or changing my routine.  I began to try new things every week, depending on what I had just read on the internet.  No size increases or notable strength increases for this two year period.

The next year, while still drifting between routines, I discovered high intensity training, or HIT for short, and I decided it sounded worthwhile.  It was also about this time that I really discovered how bad my diet was and that I was bit by the “paleo” bug.  I became obsessive about my diet in a bad way, and combined with HIT, I actually lost weight.  I got as low as 158 lbs.  The most useful part of this time period though, was that I spent nearly all my free time reading the various training and nutrition blogs, and ended up with a lot more knowledge

Back to Basics

Eventually, I realized I was being overly strict with my diet and that one year of high intensity training hadn’t provided the size gain I was after.  What I did have at this point was a lot more training and nutrition knowledge.  So with a renewed focus, I began a new workout plan based on free weights and basic compound movements and altered my diet again.  For the first time, I saw real results.  I was progressing both with strength and with size.  Within 6 months I had grown to my largest size yet.  Here is a recent picture, albeit poor webcam quality, of me:

25 years old, 175 lbs

Note that this picture is merely to give you an idea of who the author is, not to somehow show that I know what I’m talking about simply because I’ve gained some pounds.  In fact, that alone is one of my most crucial learnings – never to trust someone simply because they are bigger – but that’s a completely separate post on its own.  What I mean to say is, please regard my writings as a journal of my own personal lessons, which hopefully can be of some help to you.  I know I wasted a lot of time, energy, and money on a lot of things that didn’t work, and hopefully my knowledge and experience can help you choose what is best suited for you as well.

The purpose of this blog is to not only track progress more tangibly, but to hopefully help others out who may be in a similar genetic situation to me.  The progress may be slower for us, but it does come, which is why dedication is of utmost importance.  I look forward to progressing and making gains together!


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