I was originally going to include this in my About section, but I decided it needed its own page.  Music is my fourth element (the first three would be training, nutrition, and rest) for physique development.  It is simply so important to me for motivation, focus, passion, and drive that I cannot work out effectively without my mp3 player.

If you are working out at a commercial gym without headphones, I’d strongly suggest switching.  First of all, they provide the added benefit of you not being bothered by other people at the gym.  Chatting is the cancer of a routine (and as a side note, make sure that if you have a training partner that he or she is as focused as you as well, for obvious reasons).

But the true benefit to headphones playing the music of your choice is adrenaline.  The top 40 stations that are commonly played at the gym are generally rubbish for motivation.  If you have not experienced the endorphin rush that accompanies music that you find personally motivating, you are truly missing out on a free shot of strength, courtesy of mother nature.  As a hardgainer, I need to take all the advantages that I can get and I urge you to try different genres of music if you haven’t found one that really moves you.

For me personally, various metal and hardcore have been the genres that make up most of my gym soundtracks.  If you don’t like that kind of music, that’s totally cool, but please share with me what you personally lift with, as I’m always open to new suggestions.


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