Exercise frequency and how I arrived at my present routine

Exercise Frequency

Back when I was doing Max-OT, I was doing body part training every day of the week.  I believe this to have been semi-effective, but the frequency was on the high side.  I would make some progress, but would need to take time off frequently.  Some who are more genetically gifted than me would most likely benefit more from a higher frequency program, but I cannot count myself amongst this group.

When I was doing high intensity training (HIT), I was only doing one workout per week, which was total body, with one set to compete failure for each exercise.  I was operating under the impression that training to failure was absolutely necessary to provide growth.  In essence, the HIT crowd believes that your body will not provide an adaptive response unless pushed to its limit, i.e., failure to do any more mechanical work.  More on frequency and an effective hardgainer routine after the jump. Continue reading


A new beginning

If you haven’t read my About page, I’ll summarize by saying basically that I’ve trained ineffectively for about 10 years, but only recently have I experienced success.  It is this newfound success, which I personally define as muscle-mass and strength gain, that has prompted me to start this blog and share my experiences and knowledge with you.  I have several topics planned, but I’m also interested in what you would like to know, so please let me know in the comments!